Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Final Countdown

This entry should not be quite as depressing as the last one. I am trying to get over the whole inconsiderate hospital thing. There is really nothing I can do about it. I have never met anyone who doesn't absolutely adore I'm hoping his charming personality will improve our chances to get into the nursery.

We talked on the phone with Jack's birthmother tonight. She was doing well...went to the doctor and to meet with her future college advisor this week. She was very excited about finally beginning college. Her younger sister was about to take her oldest son for a walk on the beach (right outside her back door). He was excited and chattering up an indecipherable storm. Her family had a barbecue tonight, so she was nice and full. You could tell the apartment was full of activity.

I can't believe I'm flying out there in about a week and a half! Kevin told her on the phone that I was so excited I already had my bags packed and waiting by the door. She thought it was funny and laughed. (Those of you who truly know Kevin know he has a tendency to spin a tale or two.) I was glad she was comfortable knowing that we are excited about coming out. She said she would like to spend some time together when we come out. I have a couple of ideas of what I'd like to do the weekend before the baby comes, but I'm open for suggestions. I'm sure she'll get tired easily, but she likes to get out and about too. I'd like to pamper her a little. I thought about taking her for a facial or something to pamper her. Former pregnant women and lurkers voice your opinions on this one!

Only 17 more days to motherhood...


A Friend said...

Get her a pedicure and a manicure. Don't let her sit in a vibrating chair during her pedicure though. Email me and I'll explain what THAT's all about. :)

Get her hair "did" if she wants to.

Buy her something for herself like a soft cushiony doughnut for her buttocks. She will most likely need it! :)

Excited for you!!!!

Jen,Chris, and Luke

Cindy said...

Will she need the doughnut even if she has a c-section?

A Friend said...

Oh. No, I guess not!