Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chemo Week #2...but who's counting, right?

I know...it's been almost a whole week since my last post, but you know...I have been known to go a whole year before. So, consider yourself lucky. :)

The past week has been crazy with me working as hard as possible to make up for my days out and inefficiency at work during chemo week. Everything went fine with my port installation Thursday. I decided not fill my pain medicine, because I knew I would have to drive within 24 hours. It really wasn't bad at all. My left chest felt like I had attempted one too many push-ups. Believe me, one WOULD be too many push-ups for me. :) My mom went with me, since Kevin couldn't go. He, too, was trying to work as hard as possible in the days leading up to this week. Kevin's mom brought a cake and birthday presents over that afternoon to help me celebrate my birthday. What a treat! I especially like the bag she brought. I call it my "chemo bag." It has nice compartments inside and is strong enough for me to pack several things for a day in the big, red chair. My mom Thanks to all of you for the sweet cards and letters and birthday wishes I've received. I do look forward to the mail. Jack especially like checking the mail these days.

Friday was even busier. I took everyone to school drove the hour to Corinth for blood work (which is fine, a little low, but still in the normal range) and my pre-chemo doctor visit. Drove the hour back home, loaded the car, checked the kids out of school, and headed northwest to Memphis for Sean and Kristen's wedding rehearsal. Jack talked the whole way! I was worried about how he would do in his first wedding role as ring bearer, but he was well-behaved and responsive to strangers giving him directions. It was storming the whole trip from the hotel to the wedding site for practice. Really a downpour...I could barely see. Jack was watching for lightening. Unfortunately, the storms meant that the indoor practice wasn't exactly right for the outdoor wedding that was planned. We prayed for a break in the weather Saturday.

Saturday was a restful day for me. Kevin and Tim (father of the groom, Jack's godfather, Kevin's brother) took Jack down to the barbecue cook-off. Kevin had to work there for a little while, and Tim was a big help in keeping Jack happy. Then, Jack got to ride the Memphis trolley. May is filled with Memphis in May concerts and activities. So, the guys had plenty to do. Luz and I did some window shopping to get some fresh air, then she treated me to lunch at an Italian bistro. We rested the rest of the afternoon. I got to read a little and napped so I'd have energy for the wedding.

If you don't want to read about the wedding, you can skip this paragraph. :) There was, indeed a break in the weather with no rain. The wedding was beautiful, especially Kristen's dress! Jack was very well-behaved, and wore his tux from 3:30pm until we went home that night. It was HOT! The humidity was a killer. I sat on the front row so Jack could see me, and we'd have quick rescue access for any ring bearer meltdowns. Kevin told Jack to stick with "Matt the Hat" best man and groom's brother. So after Jack very slowly and methodically walked up the aisle carrying the same pillow that was used for Grandpa Jack and Grandma Joyce's wedding over 50 years ago, he walked right up to Macho Matt and handed him a beautiful white pillow, adorable. Jack had the best seat in the house, between the minister and the wedding couple. Too funny! I was worried about him being in the way, but not as much as Kevin. In the end, no one broke their leg and Jack did fine. Toward the end of the wedding festivities it started to rain again. Thank you God for allowing this couple to have their dream wedding outside. It made the humidity more acceptable.

Sunday, I enjoyed cooking one final "mommy meal" before the chemo yuckies set in this week. It was nice to sit around the table with our comfort food, poppyseed chicken, brown rice, and veggies. Sunday was also a day of rest for me, as the wedding wore me out, mainly the heat. Most of my hair is gone. I'm glad I stayed in a hotel this weekend to shed my hair somewhere else, it was pretty out of control. Don't worry, I went armed with my Lysol disinfectant and sprayed the entire room to the point that Luz was choking. :)

Yesterday, was chemo day 2a. It went fine. I really like the West Clinic. Everyone knows my by my first name, they ask about Jack. It's very informal. Three cheers for Jerri and Jill. Bloodwork was fine and chemo is still on schedule for this week. Kevin was in and out making work calls. Some ladies from a nearby church brought fresh-baked cookies by for the chemo patients. Can you believe it? How kind! My two chocolate chip pecan cookies were still warm and gooey. They were so yummy I couldn't eat them both at the same time. I was able to clarify which allergy medicine I can take in this aweful pollen season we are having. That is what is causing my sore throat. I cough some at night too, hate that! We are still not completely sure what is causing my horendous headaches, but we think it's the lack of caffeine. I'm making sure I get some in daily, but I was getting a great deal more previously. I cannot imagine how difficult drug detox must be. Remember that next time you can't say no to that cheesecake and say a prayer for those addicted to drugs. I was fine during chemo and on the trip home. We were able to use the port, so nice and easy! I was still swollen around the site, so it was a little painful when they needle went in. I expect it to improve by next time, though. I was pretty sleepy by the time we went home, though. My nausea medicine makes me tired and dizzy. So, I slept for most of the night. I just got up for a few minutes a couple of times. I ended up eating yogurt for dinner instead of Kevin's special speghetti. I need the rest more. Jack and Luz are doing good. Jack sat in bed with me for a little while while I slept, and Luz watched Dancing with the Stars from the recliner in my bedroom last night. I barely aware of their presence, but it was so nice just to have them close by. Thanks kiddos.

Thanks, Melanie, for the awesome birthday present! I love the lotion and Burt's Bees stuff. Jack had so much fun pulling the packing peanuts out to find everything. I especially like the card. You rock! Marie, I plan to get your casserole dish back to you soon. Thanks so much for the pasta/shrimp meal. It was delicious! Juies chocolate cake was to die for!

Today is chemo day 2b. I have to get ready to go now. It's Taxol day. So, I'll be freezing and flushing. I think I'll dress warmly. I'll try to check in tonight. Don't be too surprised if I don't.

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Melanie said...

I'm glad you (and Jack!) liked it! I think I enjoyed putting it all together as much as you both enjoyed opening it.

Glad to hear all went well over the weekend, and that he was an awesome ring bearer. I knew he'd be the star! :)