Thursday, May 06, 2010


Since learning that my cancer has returned, my family has received amazing support from friends, loved ones, and people like you who read this blog. We receive daily text messages from some, constant prayer, meals, play invites for Jack, cards, voicemail, visits, and the list goes on. Today, though, I received something really cool and different in the mail. This is in addition to the yummy homemade mac and cheese and pie Mrs. Betty sent for dinner and a visit from my favorite Harden House ladies, Stephanie, Mrs. Nancy, and Erica. My mail surprise was card from a great friend, former student, and fellow cancer survivor, Laura. A card you say? Yes...a card. What makes this card so cool and special is that it said the following, "Have a great NORMAL week!" Isn't that cool? Nothing like cancer to make you celebrate a normal week. Thanks, Laura!!! You rock! 

Today was a pretty normal day for me, and I loved every second of it...except for that one small scene after dinner when I couldn't find a pitcher for mixing Luz juice (what I call Crystal Light). It wasn't pretty. Driving Luz Andrea to tennis after school today didn't feel tedious as it did in the fall. It was a beautiful day! I took my Twilight book and read on the deck. Remember creation? There would be no light without darkness. It's the challenges we face that help us appreciate serenity.

The quote of the day, though, was after Luz and I returned home from the tennis club. Jack was busy playing with friends in the backyard. They were in swim trunks enjoying the 90 degree temperature by running through the sprinkler and playing on the swing set. I went into the back yard to watch the boys run and play. The porch is nice and shady in the afternoon. It wasn't very long after I went outside when the older friend told his little brother, "Uh, we gotta go home." I thought it was a little odd that they needed to leave so abruptly, but ok. When I went back into the house, I walked past a mirror and realized that I had gone outside sans cap or wig of any kind. So funny! Luz and I laughed out loud! This is the new me. My family and I have grown used it it. Normally, I would have a cap on in the back yard to keep the sun off my head. Poor little guys. I hope I haven't traumatized them too badly. 
 My mouth sores are improving. I ate pretty well today. I treated my headache early in the day with Tylenol, and I was able to drink plenty of water today. :) Looking forward to a fantastic Friday and a visit from my friend Marie. :)

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Sandy said...

You look just beautiful, and such a lady. I continue to pray for God to guide you through this. You truly inspire me. I love you!