Monday, May 24, 2010

Farm Girl

I think it's pretty safe to say that the Friday and Saturday following chemo are the two most difficult days of each round. I'd like to say each month, but I have chemo every three weeks, so it works out to to a little more often than that. They are still manageable, though. Kevin and I have this running joke throughout our relationship...When we first started dating and then traveling together, he was always the gentleman (and still is) to carry the heaviest portion of our load, whatever that portion is...backpack through the airport, groceries, Jack, you name it...The first time it happened it went something like this. Kevin would say, "Don't hurt yourself. Let me carry that for you." I'd reply in my stubborn way, "It's ok. I got it. I was raised on a farm." (Completely untrue.) Kevin: "Yeah, the funny farm." (Kevin now carrying both of our loads.) And so it goes, each time now, whether I am trying to carry 45 plastic shopping bags from the car into the house on one arm to save myself a trip, or luggage, or junk, whatever. Silly I guess, but anyone who knows us, already realizes that we are silly. So, while the weekend after chemo is tough, I'm still that farm girl, and Kevin still helps carry my load. He never complains. He just does it, voluntarily...without complaint, with joy in his heart. I wish he didn't have to, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Chemo weekends are the ones where I muster all my strength just to climb out of bed and sit on the couch with my family. It takes being a farm girl just to do that. Cancer is very humbling. I say all this because I want to share just how much of a blessing it is to have loved ones like my sister-in-law, BJ, help on those weekends. She played with Jack, cooked, played with Jack, nursed me, chauffeured Luz Andrea, cleaned, played with Jack, and did a million different things in a two day period that I would normally do for my family. I love her. Her visit gave me piece of mind, Kevin & Luz a break, and Jack plenty of love and attention.  I slept as much as I could to get ready for the new week. 

Late Sunday afternoon, after the backyard was shaded by the house, I was able to sit in the swing on the back porch and read. This seems like a simple thing, but when I am tired, I can't pay enough attention to read anything. It's the small things that make life wonderful. Jack played outside with Luz and drew on the patio with chalk. Kevin prepared dinner while watching golf, basketball, and baseball. Biscuit snapped at spring insects. Absolute bliss. Thank you, God.

One more thing...Yesterday, I forgot to thank Mrs. Barbara, who drove me to a doctor appointment on Thursday last week to have port-a-cath stitches removed and celebrated my appointment confusion by treating me to lunch at Flowerdale Market. We had a great time, despite the rain and hail. Thanks, Mrs. B. You are the best!


Tom R. said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Pat said...

Sorry I've been absent--some family issues going on. You are my inspiration--you just keep on going.