Saturday, May 01, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

This morning started off really slow. I just couldn't quite pull myself together. My heart would beat like I was running a marathon forcing me to slow down and rest. Finally, I think it was "take 4" I was able to finish dressing...thank goodness I didn't have to fix my hair! See, those blessings just keep on coming. :) Amanda helped me get my clothes ready and really took good care of me this morning while the boys were  off running "man errands." I finally made some time to call back a few folks who had checked in on me, my poppy, Kevin's mom, Father Henry, and a few others. I'm super-siked about Grandma making me some of her cream potatoes! Amanda was the MVP of the day for helping me find an AWOL shirt that I'd been looking for. I still can't believe I cried over a shirt. 

After the boys made it back, we all went for lunch at Old Venice Pizza Company, one of my favorites. I made sure to order enough four cheese pizza that I would have leftovers, even after sharing with Jack. It was nice to get out and feel normal. Just sitting through lunch conversation made me really tired, though. I feel like I am being so lazy, but I just can't get up the energy to be productive. I am so grateful for those that have been so much help. Jack's been a little more quiet than usual, but a visit from Uncle Tony and Aunt Manda, paired with one Daniel Whitfield have made for an adventurous Saturday. As I type, he and Daniel are covered in mud in my backyard. YIKES! Really happy that I don't have to clean them up.

The best part of my day so far was taking a nice long nap after lunch, you know the feeling... a nice cool bed on a rainy day. Another blessing from above. :)  I am truly grateful for this slow-paced day. It was much needed. 

Planning to stay in and watch a movie with my sister tonight before she goes home tomorrow.

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