Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair-raising Thoughts

Since I've lost almost all of my hair, even my eyebrows and eyelashes are starting to come out, I thought it might be interesting to share some random thoughts about not having hair...for those of you who don't know what  it's like.

  • I've shaved almost a half hour off my morning "get dressed" conditioner, no styling products, no hair dryer, no straightener!
  • I can go swimming without worrying about my hair looking ratty afterward.
  • Hairs found on dinner plates do NOT belong to me. 
  • My head sweats much more than I realized. I just don't have hair to absorb it.
  • I can ride with the windows down in the car anytime I want...not a hair out of place...or IN place for that matter.
  • Wigs are fun!
  • Wigs are HOT!
  • Square scarves are difficult to find these days, and tying them isn't any easier.
  • The sun is hotter on a bald head than dark brown hair. 
  • People really pay attention to your earrings when they are visible. 
  • Ears are easier to fold forward on a pillow when you don't have hair to reduce friction.
  • People are actually bold enough to ask you what happened to your hair. CanNOT believe that one. 
  • It's important to alternate the way you lay your baby the crib. My mother made sure I did that for Jack. You never know when others are going to see the TRUE shape of your baby's head. Better safe than sorry!
  • For some reason, I'm still holding on to my old hairbrushes. Seems like I deserve new ones when I have new hair. 
  • Remember when your mom told you that you'd end up wearing glasses one day if you called others "four eyes?" Well, the same is true of giving others a hard time on their receding hairlines. 
  • Hair doesn't define you. You do.

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