Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am SO thankful to have this weekend behind me. It wasn't easy, especially for Kevin. Luz Andrea went home Saturday morning, or at least left her American home Saturday morning. She didn't make it to her Mexican home until very early Sunday morning. It was an exciting day for her, and I have no doubt we will see her again. Jack easily settled back into his "only-childness." The house was exceptionally quiet, and I'm not sure why. Luz isn't usually a loud person. Maybe it was just knowing she wasn't present. I was so tired and completely washed out that all I did besides sleep and eat was go to church Sunday morning. We had breakfast with Mr. Myron and Mrs. Rita afterward, and it was difficult for me to be a part of the conversation. I enjoyed visiting with them and being out of the house, though. The rest of the day was filled with sleep, until the NBA championship game that evening. I was able to sit up and watch that with Kevin, while texting Luz Andrea. Very proud of my Celtics!

Today began with a terrible headache. Those are no longer surprises. I was able to focus, though, and make some progress at work. I always welcome the routine of the week after chemo. I don't know why why. I think I've always been the kind of person who can handle the tough stuff, if I just know to expect it.  I can deal with it, if I know it's coming, like a lineman bracing himself for the hike of the football.

Jack had a great day at school, followed by an even better evening at t-ball. He was ready to be part of the team, despite the extreme heat. He stopped a couple balls, batted well, didn't leave the field mid-inning, and had a great attitude. I don't expect one season of 4 year old t-ball to turn him into an athlete, but I do expect him to learn to do his best. He did that tonight, never complaining of the heat. He even managed to pick a few weeds for mommy while manning 3rd base.  :)  

The highlight of my day was on the way to the ballgame. We took Bogey, our new Scottie puppy, for his first public outing. Jack has been calling Bogey a "her" even though he is not. On the way there, he referred to Bogey as a "her." I explained to Jack, again, that Bogey is not a girl. Bogey is a boy. I explained to my sweet little four year old what makes Bogey a boy dog, and it's not his blond hair. Jack has two blond cousins, Mallory and Savannah. I think that's where he gets it from. He started to connect the dots, saying Bryce has blond hair. "Yes, that's right, and Bryce is a boy." He jumped in his mind to, "Mommy is a girl, and she doesn't have blond hair." (Right now, I have don't have any.)  The cutest part was when he said, "Mommy, you don't have blond hair. You just have blond skin." Precious moments. I guess my fair skin is blond compared to his. I'm so glad I was able to make it to his game tonight.  I would have missed out on this whole conversation. Again....it's the small things that make life special.

The second surprise of the day was when we returned to the house after the game. Kevin found a package outside! Inside were several cool Cindy surprises from Traci M. Thank you so much! First of all, you were right ON with the red and polka-dots. I absolutely love the little travel bags and Lindi lotions, right up my alley! I'll definitely be able to use them when I travel to SLC in July. Jack thought the picture file was was "awesome," his own words. Even the little luggage tag was fun. I resisted the urge to buy one just the other week when I was window shopping with Luz. My favorite surprise inside was the sunhat. SO cute! I can't wait to wear it! You know me SO well! I'm hoping we get to meet face to face in Alabama later this week. You were so sweet to think of me. Thank you. :)

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