Thursday, June 10, 2010

Round 3...DONE!

These weeks are really slipping by. I don't know where all the time goes! Chemo number three has been a little more difficult for me than the previous two. Perhaps it's just because my body is a little worn down. I'll catch you up as best I can. 

Kevin and I went out on a "hot date" for the first time really since his birthday in March. We had a great time, dinner on the roof at Park Heights during the Elvis Festival. We really enjoyed the fresh air. When we pulled into the driveway we were surprised to see one additional car already parked there. My dad surprised us for a weekend visit from Alabama. We talk on the phone often, but this is the first time he's seen me since the cancer recurred. I was so glad to see him. I know this isn't easy for him. I think it was good for him to see my resolve in person, though. I love you, Poppy!

Jack had an ultra busy weekend. Saturday, he went to a water birthday party at a neighbor's house from 10-12. He rested from 12-1, then hit party number two from 1-3. Kevin took Jack to the morning party across the street so my dad and I could spend some time together, and so I wouldn't be so wiped out from the parties. Thanks KJ! I enjoyed the chance to talk to some of the other moms of Jack's friends. If you are ever curious about how to clear a room of four year olds...just light up four of those trick cake candles to blow up. They were used by accident on Daniel's cake. You know how the spark when they are lit? Well, virtually every kid propped on his elbows with his face about a foot from the cake jumped back immediately. Too funny! I wish I had a photo of it to post. Hilarious!

Monday was the first day of Chemo round 3. It went pretty well. I read some. I was a little put off by a man across the room with his laptop who talked about himself all day. I could tell you all about his life as a big wig at Fed Ex...but I'll spare you. Plus, I'm sure chemo brain will fumble it in some way. One older man asked me about my hair. Duh? Who asks about hair in a chemo treatment room? I don't think he was right.  My red and white blood cell counts were a little low, but not enough to keep me from chemo. I need to up the red cell count with red meat and green veggies. The Nuelasta shot should take care of the white cell count. By nightfall, I had a terrible headache. My bunco buddies, Kathy and Mary, brought homemade spaghetti by for the family for dinner on Monday. Thanks ladies! It was YUMMY! You should sell that stuff. It was a hit for the whole family.

I woke up with the same headache on Tuesday. Grandma took me to chemo for the first time on Tuesday. Everyone loves Kevin there. So, they were excited to meet his mother. I'm afraid to say that I wasn't much company. I was nauseous by the time we made it to the cancer center. I think it might be riding in the smaller car. I do better when I ride in our Traverse.  Thank goodness the room was nice and quiet that day. I could tell that Jerri and Jill, the nurses, were watching more closely because I was less like my animated self. I managed, and Grandma Joyce was awesome. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Grandma! Crystal Whitfield, a neighborhood friend and Jack's buddy's mom, brought pot roast and cream potatoes for dinner Tuesday night. What an angel! It was wonderful! 

I took a good nap when we got home Tuesday afternoon in hopes of being able to go to Jack's tee-ball game. It was also picture night. I mustered the energy to go, and Jack was not his usual happy-go-lucky self. He had an embarrassing four year old meltdown all because he didn't want to stand in the team picture. The coach, kids and photographer were extremely patient with him. I could hear him crying across the field. This was no time to reason with the unreasonable. He could not calm down. His team picture was made without him. We were able to get an individual one first, though. His teammates commenced to warm up, and Jack was still back at the fence crying with Kevin. It was really sad, and I was just too exhausted to deal with it. The situation wasn't productive for any of us. So, Kevin and I apologized, packed him up, and brought the family home. Jack ate dinner and went to bed. I am pleased to say that my sweet little boy was back Wednesday. 

Jack has vacation bible school at the church this week. So, he went home with Mrs. Susan, Wren's CeeCee, after church festivities. He had a blast playing with Wren and Andrew. His happy spirit lasted the whole day. Thanks Mrs. Susan! Jack had a blast! His positive and playful attitude lasted all night, even into bedtime. 

We were excited to bring home a surprise for Jack Wednesday. We lost our precious little Birdie back in August. She started getting ill in May, and we just couldn't save her. We still have Biscuit, but Jack has been wanting another doggie for sometime now. I have resisted the temptation to get one, until now. I know...what was I thinking? Well, I figure if Kim M. can handle chemo with a newborn, I can handle it with a pup. A lady who breeds Scottish Terriers goes for chemo at the clinic the same days I do. She was telling us about her wheaten colored liter. I asked her wasn't she interested in just getting rid of one. She agreed to talk to her husband and it all worked out. So, Jack is the proud new owner of an AKC registered Wheaten Scottie. :)  We call him Bogey, and he answers to it pretty well already. Jack LOVES Bogey, and Biscuit gets along with him just fine. Luz Andrea goes home Saturday morning, and she finds it humorous that she is being replaced by a dog. I think the timing is perfect. So far, Bogey has an excellent disposition. He loves to be held and petted. He's explored the backyard as much as I let him when the grass was wet. He's doing rather well. Jack has been quite the big boy taking responsibility for his new little puppy. Pray for us! I'm gonna need patience, I remember what Biscuit was like as a puppy. 

The highlight of my Wednesday, besides Jack's homemade pizza and new sidekick, was when Luz taught Jack how to do a "Hawaiian Dance." They were having a ball. It was fun to see them play together. I should have them perform it again when I'm feeling better so I can video it. They were so cute. Then, they used Jack's little "picker upper" toy (picture the kind you see folks using on the side of the road to pick up trash without touching it) to grab the other's wrist and toss them into jail (my bathroom). Jack's a great pretender, and Luz loves to play along with him. It was fun to see them play together, but also sad. We are really going to miss her. She will forever be a part of our family.

Before my fourth round of chemo, I will have another CT scan to see how the cancer is responding to the treatments and and echo-cardiogram to make sure my heart hasn't been damaged from the chemo. 

I'm really glad Kevin is in town this week. I needed him here.

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