Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Is it really already Wednesday? This week is really flying by! I'm so happy to feel like myself again. Jack's been silly, and we've all been busy. I'm still sensitive to the heat and sun, but who isn't this time of year? After work yesterday, Kevin, Jack and I ran some errands, and I still had energy to cook dinner when we got home. Cooking dinner for my family is one of the things that truly gives me joy. Don't misunderstand, I do love eating out in restaurants, but cooking for my family makes me feel whole. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, though sometimes it is. There is just something about preparing food from my heart that I know my family will enjoy that makes me smile, gives me a sense of satisfaction, the final brush on a painting. It reminds me of my Aunt Doris (Dad's sister) and Aunt Linda (Mom's sister). Last night wasn't much, just what I call homemade hamburger helper, but Jack made a happy plate. :)

I was able to go outside a few times yesterday, which is more than any day the previous week. Mainly, it was just because I was trying to train Bogey, our new puppy, on where he should to the potty. We're still struggling with that. He's a good puppy, but it's difficult to train him when he's so small I can't tell when he is going. Any advice is much appreciated. Biscuit is trained. So, that gives me some hope that Bogey will eventually be, too. Bogey was supposed to be Jack's dog. He's been hot on my trail, though, never more than a few feet away. He and Jack had some fun playing inside yesterday afternoon. Actually, it was more like Jack harassing Bogey by chasing him with pj pants. Bogey was good-natured about it, and Jack burned some energy.

Medically, we have a big week or two coming up. I go for a CT scan on Monday to find out how my cancer is responding to the chemotherapy. This is the first check up of this kind since beginning chemotherapy. Please pray for a favorable report. I don't feel the tumors in my side and below my ribs as I did originally, and they had become uncomfortable. So, I think that is good news and hope the tests will confirm so. I will also have an echo-cardiogram to be sure my heart is holding up well to the stress of chemo. Kevin and I are optimistic that we will receive a good report, but the confirmation will be nice. 

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. ~Psalm 91:4

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Melanie said...

You know my prayers are with you! Please keep me updated.

Ah, puppy potty training. When Copper was tiny, I would just carry him out to "the spot" and put him down. He finally got the hint. Well, until winter when we had a foot of snow. He went wherever was closest. :) Good luck!