Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poo on you!

Since I had such a good week last week, we decided to trek home to visit my family for Father's Day. For the most part it was a good trip. Papa cooked his special breakfast for us each morning...yum! Jack got to go swimming with Aunt Manda and the girls at the Y. We had a comfortable evening at Aunt Manda's house eating dinner in and playing. We got to visit with Uncle D's family briefly for breakfast on Sunday. Mom had to work this weekend, so we saw her in between shifts. Dad met our new puppy, Bogey. I don't think he's a fan, though, because Bogey isn't housebroken yet. In fact, he stepped in one of Bogey's little surprises while we were out one night. Jack and I enjoyed meeting Kevin's boss, Traci. 10 lb. Bogey met a new best friend at the Egans, 150 lb. Samson; and Jack got to hang out with all of Patrick's college buddies. Bogey is a big dog in a little body, and I think the same can be said of Jack sometimes. He thinks he's a big kid in a little kid's body. Jack had a blast all weekend. :)

While we were gone Mrs. Jane of Wiggles and Wags took care of Biscuit for us. He's just too big to travel with us. There is a bird's nest over our front door. We've been waiting for the birds to hatch to get rid of the nest. Poor Mrs. Jane! It happened while we were out of town. She went to let herself in the house Sunday morning and bird poo landed on her arm. She looked up and saw four baby chicks peeking over the nest. I love Mrs. Jane. She never got angry. She thought it was the cutest thing and snapped a picture of it. Isn't it awesome when some someone is able to find pleasure in moments such as these? When life sends you poo...clean it up!

Being home in our nice, cool house on Sunday afternoon was so peaceful. After the four hour car ride I had energy to help with laundry, Jack, dinner, and a few other things. As I age, I'm discovering that  while I LOVE to travel, I am such a homebody. Thank God for that nice cool evening, because one of our air conditioners went out on Monday, the one on the north side of the house where my office, Jack's room, the living room, and our guest room are located. It was 104* yesterday. All of us locked ourselves up in mine and Kevin's bedroom last night to sleep comfortably, but the north side of the house was 86*. The air conditioned side of the house was 80*, except in the bedroom where we were able to shut the door. Jack and I hung out upstairs for a little while before bedtime. Hopefully, the AC man Kevin called yesterday will be able to make it out today. Pray!

I went for CT scans and echo-cardiograms yesterday to evaluate how my body is responding to the chemo. This is the first time since I started chemo in April. I'm anxious to find out the results. I visit Dr. Reed on Friday. Kevin is going with me. We are praying for a positive report. I'll update the blog as soon as I have it. I was comforted by the following scripture posted in one of my exam rooms yesterday:

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."  Psalm 46:1

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